Research and Projects


University of Maryland, Baltimore County –   Department of Information Systems

PhD Dissertation Research                                                                                            Ongoing

Caring for the Carers: Understanding the challenges and opportunities of Informal caregivers in Home care

This qualitative study seeks to understand the challenges that informal caregivers face during the care giving process as well as postulate and test opportunities where information technology tools (such as web portals, telehealth etc) can be leverage to alleviate some of their stressors and increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

N.B. Informal caregivers are usually family and friends of Home care patients that devote their time and energy to care for home care patients. they receive no compensation for their services and sometimes have to quit their jobs, or take on less hours to be able to care for their loved ones.

The study employs the use of semi-structured interviews, allowing for free flowing conversation and necessary probes in a safe space.

Ideally, results from this study should help to inform procedure changes and institute support programs for informal caregivers in Home care.

Proposal was defended and accepted in February 2019.

I am currently in the data collection, analysis and writing phase.

Graduate Researcher, UMBC Health IT Lab                August 2015 – Present

  • Analyzing Patient Level data for Fallen HHA Patients: An agency case study

– Analyzing Patient level data  of a Home Health Agency (HHA),  specifically ones who actually fell in their homes, whether witnessed or not so as to decipher the specific reason(s) why they fell

-Working on developing IT solutions that can be implemented to minimize or eliminate cases of falls. 

  •  Home Health Care:

-Leveraging de-identified patient level and organizational level data, to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Potentially Avoidable Events (PAEs) during the care journey of a patient.

-Qualitative and quantitative data analysis to identify lapses in the delivery and quality of healthcare, and how IT solutions can be implemented to mitigate these problems.

  • Healthcare data analysis (Predictive Modelling)

Leveraging publicly available data consisting of multi-class variables to build predictive model for the occurrence of kidney disease

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  Masters Research 

University of Maryland, Baltimore County – Department of Information Systems

Independent Research, Web Mining and Big Data Analytics           August 2014 – May 2015

  • Social Media Mining and Pharmacovigilance:

-Mined social media data (Twitter) and identified occurrences of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)

-Carried out comparative analysis on different existing systems for Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) mining and analysis.

-Created a data capturing and analysis framework using Natural Language Processing (NLP) for faster and better pharmacovigilance (drug monitoring and ADR reporting).

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My other Masters’ Research

Undergraduate Research    

Covenant University, Nigeria – Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Undergraduate Researcher     September 2009 – May 2011

  • Econometric Systems:

-Carried out a usability study on EViews (an econometric system) in Covenant University, and synthesized recommendations for updating the current system

-Developed and deployed an updated EViews system with improved input and output mechanisms which made it easier for students to understand and use these systems.

  •  Patient Monitoring Systems (PMS):

-Analyzed a Patient Monitoring System (PMS) interface, and implemented an improved prototype with enhanced interaction which minimizes human error/wrong diagnosis by healthcare professionals.